identity crisis? what identity crisis?


Another guy from Belize just joined.

We now have 76.3% Lebnene w 23.7% Lebneniyye signed up... Waynkoun ya Banet??

Forget generic Hotmail, Yahoo, or GMail! Register yourname@lebnene.com email and use it proudly, in forums, on Facebook, anywhere. We've made it very easy to import your contact lists from Outlook, GMail, MSN, Yahoo, MySpace, and soon Facebook. So join us, come on in, and tell every Lebnene and Lebneniyye you know.

Lebanese, eh? by blood or in heart, proud or self-loathing, we can't escape who we are... Are we really 12 million throughout the world? Or is that just another urban legend, like the fact that you can ski and swim on the same day in Lebanon? Have you ever been stuck in one our legendary traffic jams listening to Hayfa?

So, ya Lebnene w ya Lebneniyye, wherever you are, waiting for your visa, or waiting for your passport, this website is for you. We want it to become a hub for all things that interest you, to grow into a sharing, caring, or not caring, community of users.

To begin, we are offering you a unique opportunity to have your own email@lebnene.com or email@lebneniyye.com, that you can check from anywhere. You can even read external emails here. It is FREE, and you can always upgrade to more storage space and options.


One of us? Come on in.

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